"name": "Anglia Ruskin University",
    "logo": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/logos/AngliaRuskinUniversity.jpg",
    "icon": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/icons/AngliaRuskinUniversity.jpg",
    "crest": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/crests/AngliaRuskinUniversity.jpg",
    "photo": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/photos/AngliaRuskinUniversity.jpg",
    "description": "Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is a public university in East Anglia, United Kingdom. It has its origins in the Cambridge School of Art, founded by William John Beamont in 1858. It became a university in 1992 and was renamed after John Ruskin in 2005. It is one of the post-1992 universities.",
    "country": "England",
    "city": "Cambridge",
    "altcity": "Chelmsford",
    "established": "1992"
    "name": "The University of East Anglia",
    "logo": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/logos/TheUniversityofEastAnglia.jpg",
    "icon": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/icons/TheUniversityofEastAnglia.jpg",
    "crest": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/crests/TheUniversityofEastAnglia.jpg",
    "photo": "https://cdn.unidbapi.com/file/unidbapi/photos/TheUniversityofEastAnglia.jpg",
    "description": "The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a public research university in Norwich, England. Established in 1963 on a 320 acres (130 hectares) campus west of the city centre, the university has four faculties and 26 schools of study. The annual income of the institution for 2016–17 was £273.7 million of which £35.6 million was from research grants and contracts, with an expenditure of £262.6 million.",
    "country": "England",
    "city": "Norwich",
    "altcity": null,
    "established": "1963"